Handwritten gaming notes are pure nostalgia

Spare a thought for the gamers who didn’t have ready access to strategy guides or the internet back in the day, and had to come up with their own ways of remembering crucial in-game information. Feeling nostalgic? One Twitter user showed off her dad’s notes, which hark back to those early days. Graphic designer @ishikoro18 posted pictures over the weekend of the notes her father kept for games such as Silent Hill 2, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy X-2. And holy crap — Prima Games, eat your heart out: 父親が昔書いてたゲームの攻略メモがやばい pic.twitter.com/84TMg7myYH — あ🍎べ (@ishikoro18) August 24, 2018 いろいろ。あと夕闇探検隊とかデメントとか鬼武者とかゼルダシリーズとか pic.twitter.com/zs7KeCw6aV — あ🍎べ (@ishikoro18) August 24,…

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